What Are Home Invasion Burglars Looking For?

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Let’s be clear. Home Invasion News does not have statistics or research to confirm our impressions. We wish we did.

Having said that — and after reading hundreds of home invasion news stories over the past three months — we have an impression based on what the researchers call “empirical evidence” — that is, evidence based on experience or observation.

In this case, empirical evidence means we have the following to offer: Most criminals who commit “home invasions” as they are reported by the media, (and the media inconsistently and without an agreed upon definition, calls all manner of burglaries and robberies “home invasion”) appear to favor four categories of “booty.”

• Cash
• Jewelry
• Electronics (computers, cell phones, gaming equipment, TVs)
• Drugs, either illegal or prescription

Please note: This observation does NOT relate to the less common crime of what Home Invasion News calls “classic home invasion.” Classic home invasion crimes are more dangerous, violent, and brutal, and may include kidnapping and murder.

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