“Cool” Makes This Home Invasion Chilling

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Jonathan A. Kirby, 56, is accused of invading rapper LL Cool J’s home on August 22. Kirby, who appeared to be homeless at the time of his arrest, had prior convictions in California and, if convicted, would face 38 years to life in prison. But that’s not the only bad luck for Kirby.

Caught in the kitchen during the invasion, the 56-year old Kirby got beat up. Platinum workout body-builder Cool J broke Kirby’s nose, jaw, and ribs.

On August 29, Kirby pled not guilty to “first-degree burglary with a person present” (Note: Home Invasion News wasn’t familiar with this particular charge, but we will say that “person present” is characteristic of “classic home invasion.” On the other hand, this crime — in which the perpetrator acted alone and didn’t appear to instigate contact with the homeowners — is much more in keeping with plain old burglary. Having said that, we acknowledge that the term “home invasion” gets better media coverage.

ABC reports that Kirby has a lengthy criminal history, albeit not necessarily a violent one. He spent time in a Texas prison for manslaughter more than 20 years ago and also has served time for burglary, escape, and petty theft. Records show he was sentenced to six years in prison for the manslaughter charge, but was paroled the next year. In 1990, he was arrested on a prostitution-related charge in West Hollywood, and in 1995, he was convicted of felony residential burglary.

LL Cool J currently stars on NCIS: Los Angeles as Special Agent Sam Hanna.

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