The Home Invasion of Barking Dogs

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Barking dogs are such a widespread annoyance to neighbors that entire websites are devoted to the subject.

How to Stop Your Neighbor’s Dog from Barking outlines nine dos and two donts. hawks Barkstop, the Ultra-Sonic Dog Training CD and also offers a forum for the beleaguered to gripe.

The most through discussion,, contains not only news of bark invasions around the country, but also tips on quieting your own dog and silencing your neighbor’s dog, along with details of various barking laws and the courts.

A random Google search with the words “neighbor kills barking dog” turns up 195,000 hits. Obviously, the noise a dog makes is troublesome – even crazy-making – to human beings.

What’s a person to do? I suggest starting with to check out your options. Prepare to be a bit disappointed (for example, “According to [the multiple-household laws] the barking of your neighbor’s dog is only deemed to be illegal after the case goes to court and a judge rules that it is so.”). Sigh. But don’t give up. This website has 15 sections, so explore them all.

If you think you’re alone, you’re not. YouTube features 279,000 videos for “barking dog.” (If you’re having barking dogs problems of your own, don’t look at these videos. You already know what’s in them).

Finally, if people tell you to “forget it” or barking isn’t “that much of a problem,” have them take a look at the following video posted by a woman who wants to share her hell with the rest of us. Videotaping the sounds from her own side of the adjacent property, she says the barking usually starts about 9:00 a.m. and goes all day. “This is what I put up with all day, every day,” she says.

We feel your pain. We really do. And we ask: Is this fair or is this a serious home invasion?

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